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Advocate for Gananda in NYS Budget


You may have heard that the Federal Government is providing stimulus funds to states in response to the global pandemic.  We have concerns about how New York State is using this money and how it impacts Gananda CSD. We would like to ask for your help as we advocate for our schools.

In order to continue to provide quality instruction to students during this pandemic and beyond, school districts must receive sufficient aid from both the state and federal government, distributed in an equitable and timely manner.

In the New York Executive Budget proposal, Governor Cuomo relies heavily on the assumption that the state will receive billions of dollars in unrestricted aid from current and future federal stimulus. His proposed budget is based on his belief that New York will receive at least $6 billion in unrestricted aid from the federal government in the coming months. Even with that assumption, his proposal includes a reduction in state aid to school districts, with federal stimulus dollars filling in the gap. However, this federal stimulus money was meant to supplement school aid and to support the additional costs school districts have faced in the wake of a global pandemic.  

Over reliance on federal funds could create multi-billion dollar funding cliffs in years to come.  Many challenges lay ahead for our school district if the state moves forward with a $1.7 billion hole in education funding. 


Below you will find letter templates for you to fill in your information and send to our legislative representatives. One template is for our federal representatives and one template is for our state representatives. Contact information is also included for each representative on the contact information page included below.


Additionally, we will be holding a Virtual Advocacy Forum for the community on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 7:30pm to help answer your questions. Pre-registration is required to attend.


Thank you for joining us as we continue advocating for the educational success of all of our students.