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(315) Reasons to Love Gananda

Reasons to Love Gananda
Help us reach our goal of (315)!

What makes you #GanandaProud? We know there are far more than 315 reasons to love our community, and want you to share them with us.
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See our poster at Eastview Mall (Sears Wing, across from Forever 21) from now until Thursday, March 27.

213 Down, 102 to Go!

  2. #GanandaProud
  3. “Blue Panther Style”
  4. 315 Proud!
  5. 8 Minute Drive from Penfield Wegmans to the West, 8 minute drive east and you’re in the country.
  6. A lot of us have our own backyard farm.
  7. A safe, quiet place for Driver’s Ed.
  8. A serene, half-hour commute to downtown Rochester.
  9. All of our #GanandaProud alumni
  10. All of our active Booster Clubs and volunteers including:
  11. All three schools are walkable.
  12. Always having someone to carpool with for practices, games, and school events!
  13. An active and generous Gananda Dollars for Scholars helps students pay for college.
  14. Blue Herons flying over our heads.
  15. Breakfast at the Log Cabin restaurant
  16. Bullying is rare.
  17. Cheap Firewood!
  18. Class Competition Night
  19. Cliques are relatively uncommon in Gananda.
  20. Close-knit community
  21. Corn!!! Lots of CORN!
  22. Country living in close proximity to Rochester gives us the best of both worlds
  23. Don’t worry about raking the leaves, they’ll blow away on their own.
  24. Each and every one of Gananda’s dedicated faculty and staff
  25. Every single one of our parent volunteers
  26. Everyone is SO friendly here.
  27. Fences are nearly obsolete in our neighborhood.
  28. Finding your way out of The Amazing Maize Maze
  29. Gananda Community Youth Theater
  30. Gananda has a private-school atmosphere on public school tax dollars
  31. Gananda has clubs and activities that attract all interests.
  32. Gananda has lots of green space
  33. Gananda has lots of local farming and agriculture.
  34. Gananda has LOTS of team spirit!
  35. Gananda has lots of wooded and forest-y areas.
  36. Gananda has peaceful surroundings.
  37. Gananda is a diverse community with lots of unique personalities
  38. Gananda is always forward-thinking
  39. Gananda is filled with wonderful neighbors who make life-long friends.
  40. Gananda is HOME!
  41. Gananda is the biggest little school district around!
  42. Gananda is THE place to raise your family with like-minded neighbors
  43. Gananda knows what it means to fall down seven times and get up eight.
  44. Gananda loves everyone and serves anyone.
  45. Gananda PTSA
  46. Gananda Youth Football & Cheerleading
  47. Gananda Youth Lacrosse
  48. Gananda’s Leadership goes beyond the school day and remain active within the community
  49. Girls’ Soccer is #1 in Wayne County
  51. Go Gananda Bandits Soccer!
  52. Great golf is just around the corner, courtesy of Greystone and Blue Heron Hills.
  53. Great sunset views.
  54. Greeting hundreds of trick-or-treaters each Halloween!
  55. Hanging out at Long Acres Park
  56. Have you ever seen a Blue Panther? They’re a rare breed.
  57. Hiking the wetland trails behind Ginegaw Park
  58. Homecoming Week!
  59. Ice Cream at the Farm.
  60. If a student wants to play sports, play an instrument, sing, be in a couple clubs they have opportunity to do it all. 
  61. In Gananda, your child is not a number and will not get lost between crowds of kids as they grow!
  62. It’s a place where gentleman still hold the door open for the ladies!
  63. It’s easy to get to anywhere in Gananda (Location, Location, Location!)
  64. Living in a walking district.
  65. Long Acre Farms
  66. Majestic deer walk through our backyards.
  67. Middle School Activity Nights create lifelong memories!
  68. No matter what your child's athletic skills may be, they are able to play sports. More times than not everyone makes the team.
  69. No traffic jams, ever.
  70. No two-lane roads.
  71. Nobody in Gananda plays Keeping Up With the Jonses.
  72. Our active Scouting programs.
  73. Our beautiful facilities
  74. Our community is small enough that everyone knows each other (in the good way).
  75. Our community sports fields
  76. Our experienced and motivating coaches
  77. Our faculty and staff see Gananda as more than just a job.
  78. Our faculty and staff will drop everything to help a friend, student, or colleague in need, no matter how small.
  79. Our INDOOR community pool.
  80. Our larger-than-life Homecoming Parade.
  81. Our local Fire Department hosts the best Chicken Barbeques!
  82. Our roads aren’t littered with potholes.
  83. Our school district feels like a well-oiled machine.
  84. Our school taxes are STILL cheaper than the area’s top independent schools.
  85. Our schools are just GREAT!
  86. Our small size allows the teachers know the students - meaning students are less likely to fall through the cracks.
  87. Our students get to know each other across grade levels
  88. Our students host tons of safe after-school and evening activities for each other
  89. Our students truly care for each other
  90. Our teachers go above and beyond. My son's first grade teacher offered to come in prior to the start of the school day and give him the support he needed to build his reading and writing skills. He really excelled because of the time and dedication she provided him.  The staff cares and they truly show how much they love what they do. 
  91. Our Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) program at the High School
  92. Parents ALWAYS know what is happening thanks to excellent communications.
  93. People still wave the flag on the 4th of July.
  94. Performing Arts Boosters
  95. Picking flowers along Gananda Parkway
  96. Play dates are easy to make.
  97. Quality theatre programming at every age
  98. Safe community to raise a family
  99. School sporting events draw in EVERYBODY!
  100. Small class sizes
  101. Small schools, High standards.
  102. Snowmen build up higher in Gananda.
  103. Someday if you’re lucky, YOU might be a 315er too!
  104. Sports Boosters
  105. Starry nights unobstructed by city lights.
  106. The 8th Grade trip to Washington, D.C.
  107. The annual Garage Sale
  108. The Annual High School Art Show.
  109. The Annual Homecoming Parade.
  110. The Annual Music Week Parade at Richard Mann Elementary
  111. The annual Walworth Festival in the Park
  112. The dedicated parents who put in time, talent and $ to make it all happen.
  113. The fantastic sports teams for girls – especially soccer, basketball, and softball.
  114. The Gananda Easter Egg Hunt.
  115. The Gananda Racing Aquatic Team
  116. The Gananda Rotary Club
  117. The Gardens Senior Living Community
  118. The girls soccer coaches are 150% vested in creating  responsible young women as well as putting together a highly skilled and competitive team all year round. Our program is on the map and college recruiters come to watch Gananda girls play soccer!
  119. The kids are closer because of our small class sizes
  120. The local Farmer’s Market
  121. The many friendships we’ve made here and the small community feeling the District has.
  122. The passion our parents have to stay involved
  123. The PTSA Math and Science fair ROCKS!
  124. The remarkable way our community comes together for those in need
  125. The sledding hill at Richard Mann Elementary
  126. The smell of chocolate fudge wafting from Baldwin-Richardson Foods.
  127. The teachers are able to get to know the kids on a deeper level.
  128. The teachers know all the kids by more than just name ….  they know their interests, habits, personality, and often times even more.  
  129. The Walworth-Seely Public Library
  130. The way our students are still supported by their former teachers and community even after Graduating.
  131. There are opportunities to get involved in so many things, from clubs to sports to theatre to music!
  132. There are some spectacular sunset views with beautiful countryside views in the warmer months.
  133. Two Words: The Station.
  134. We all stand PROUD in 315-land
  135. We are 315 alive!
  136. We are a community where neighbors and friends will always have each other’s back when needed
  137. We are a dog-loving community
  138. We are a highly-organized, harmonious community
  139. We are a high-performing, high-achieving district.
  140. We are a place in tune with what lies ahead while maintaining the opportunities to love our neighbors.
  141. We are a relatively new community.
  142. We are close to a variety of wildlife.
  143. We are close to the Erie Canal
  144. We are picked to win it all!
  145. We are welcome to participate in a highly-active Walworth Recreation program
  146. We don’t have any big box or chain stores.
  147. We have a caring and trustworthy police force.
  148. We have beautiful homes.
  149. We have homes of all sizes that are all spread out.
  150. We have lots of hills and flatland
  151. We have lots of sidewalks!
  152. We have more property and less pollution.
  153. We have open land for outdoor activities.
  154. We have serene snowmobiling trails.
  155. We have the best (AWARD-WINNING!) High School Plays and Musicals in the County.
  156. We have ZERO traffic lights.
  157. We haven’t had a tornado in years.
  158. We may not be “master planned” anymore, but we will always be a COMMUNITY.
  159. We’re surrounded by cows on all four sides.
  160. What other school district has a cool Superintendent who wears baseball hats!?
  161. When the weather is nice, there’s a community fishing pond.
  162. Who are you calling a 315er?
  163. You can experience the delights of all four seasons in Gananda.
  164. You can picnic just about ANYWHERE here.
  165. You’re living in the suburbs and the country all at the same time – it’s possible!
  166. Your child can make a sports team even if they aren’t planning to play in college!
  167. Youth Swimming Lessons
  168. We are a small community with a BIG heart - we love our kids!
  169. Where else will you find staging flash mobs as part of your PE Curriculum?
  170. Elementary School students graduate as voracious readers and writers.
  171. The way our kids devour performing arts and music!
  172. We have had students perform in the Festival High School Chorus with the RPO!!
  173. The Annual 5th Grade Panther Paws Show!
  174. Our High School students are led by Mrs. Van Laeken - a relateable, strong role model that just "gets" working with this age group.
  175. "On Gananda!"
  176. Our dynamic annual Performing Arts Boosters fundraiser starring the UofR Yellow Jackets!
  177. A strong and diverse Board of Education that represents the WHOLE of our community.
  178. The quarterly assemblies at the Middle School to recognize our high-achievers are something you won't find anywhere else - complete with a motivational talk from select high school students!
  179. Our teachers say please.
  180. The teachers make things understandable. 
  181. People in Gananda are honest.
  182. Gananda has really nice principals. 
  183. Students can keep moving up.
  184. Gananda couldn't be a better place.
  185. In Gananda, every student is known - not a number or face you don't recognize.
  186. Teachers communicate effectively with parents.
  187. Gananda's Oktoberfest Celebration!
  188. Our joyous school colors
  189. The Gananda Spring Fling and Youth Triathlon!
  190. Sherburne Park
  191. The Lodge at Ginegaw Park
  192. All that Mark's Pizzeria does to support our community.
  193. We have the most polite kids!
  194. Moving Up Ceremonies for our 5th and 8th Graders
  195. The annual 5th Grade Memory Book.
  196. Gananda is calm.
  197. Gananda's classrooms foster great discussion.
  198. Gananda has fresh air!
  199. Gananda has beautiful homes.
  200. Gananda's classrooms are nice!
  201. Gananda has safe speed limits on their roads.
  202. Ain't no Parkways like Gananda Parkway.
  203. Gananda has some very nice-sounding street names.
  204. "I know my family is safe." - 1st Grader
  205. "We can be funny when we learn." - 1st Grader
  206. School lunches in Gananda are YUMMY!
  207. We get to go on fun field trips in Middle School!
  208. We have cool technology aids like SmartBoards and computers.
  209. Our guidance counselors are incredible!
  210. Students get quality, one-on-one attention with their teachers so it's easy to get help when needed.
  211. Our community is clean, inside and out.
  212. Our school libraries have a wide variety of books to choose from. 
  213. Our students are frequently recognized in the media for their achievements.