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The Road to 2020: Capital Improvement Project

The Road to 2020
On Thursday, December 1, 2016, Gananda Central School District residents voted on a proposed $15,100,000 capital improvement project entitled The Road to 2020. The project was approved by our voters 174 to 50.  Designed to address a variety of needs within the district, The Road to 2020 provides improvements to our facilities in an effort to: Bring Learning Into the 21st Century, Showcase Blue Panther Pride and Increase Access to Facilities, and Enhance Safety and Security.

The Road to 2020 Project Details:

Bring Learning Into the 21st Century:

  • Re-design Richard Mann Elementary 2-5 Wing - In an effort to increase academic success in the 21st Century we need to provide experiences customized to our students' learning needs, interests, and aspirations.  Our current classrooms are not conducive for personalized learning and we want to instill a lifelong appreciation of learning.  The proposed improvements include: incorporating flexible space, adding WiFi to every classroom, increasing power, and network capabilities, and maximizing a personalized learning environment. 
  • Modify Technology and Art Rooms in Ruben A. Cirillo High School - We offer our students participation in a program entitled Project Lead The Way.  The program provides empowerment to solve real-world challenges by utilizing hands-on learning in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. The Proposed improvements would better accommodate this program and provide enrichment opportunities for all students.
 Showcase Blue Panther Pride and Increase Access to Facilities:
  • Improve Varsity Fields: Our varsity fields have drainage issues and flood regularly in the spring season. Due to flooding and the field rest needed for regrowth, the amount of usage for our teams is limited. Proposed improvements include adding artificial turf to the lacrosse/soccer field, adding drainage to the softball field, and resurfacing the track.
  • Upgrade Locker Rooms: Built in the 1970s, the Middle School locker rooms have not seen a major renovation since the 1980s.  Although more recently added, the pool locker rooms at Richard Mann Elementary are also in need of upgrades to accommodate our students' needs. The proposed improvements would upgrade both locker rooms to increase usability and privacy for our students.


Safety and Security Enhancements:

  • Enhance All Building Entrances: The safety of our students is of the utmost importance, and while we have current measures in place to ensure our students' safety, we would like to add an additional layer of protection.  Today's world is ever-changing and concern for safety should not be in the minds of our students or parents. 
  • Replace District Phone System: The phone system in the district is configured in such a way that when the district loses power, we also lose our phones. Back-up measures are in place, however, this situation should be addressed to better prepare us in emergency situations.
  • Preservation of Facilities: Preservation of our buildings ensures our students have a safe and comfortable atmosphere to maximize learning. The proposed improvements include replacing sections of the Middle School roof that were not replaced in 2008, and treat exterior walls on all school buildings to reduce water infiltration.