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Fueling for the Holidays

An essential part of nutrition includes the social and celebratory aspects. Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate this season, it best enjoyed with good food, family, friends, and traditions. When you focus on the days between the actual holidays, you can find opportunities to make healthier choices and then enjoy your favorite holiday's foods without guilt! With busy schedules, many parties and constant over indulging, the average adult gains one to two pounds over each holiday season. While one pound might not matter, the pounds can add up over the years and can lead to chronic disease. Try these simple tips for good health this holiday season without over restricting yourself.
Re-think beverages - Drinking calories is one of the easiest ways to accumulate unnecessary/empty calories during the holidays. Often times, drinks come with added sugar without many nutrients to keep you feeling full. Try making cocktails that are based with carbonated water or sugar free options. You can also try alternating plain water with other beverages while you are at a party. Don’t forget to be aware of the sugars added to punches and juices. You can dilute them on your own for an infused water option.
Focus on the veggies - Try filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables, not only will you get a nutrient boost, but you’ll also feel full on a fewer number of calories.
Prioritize your favorites - We all have our favorite traditional holiday dishes that we enjoy only a few times per year! Pick those to enjoy and skip the rest that you don’t really love.
Stay active - Often times our busy schedules get in the way of exercise. Try adding just 10 minutes to keep your physical activity goals as a part of your routine over the holidays. Something is always better than nothing! Keeping track of your steps, finding a buddy with similar goals or setting small non-food related rewards, are great ways to help you keep up your healthy efforts during the holiday season.
Kerry Clifford, MS, RD, LDN Registered Dietitian and Health Coach


Apps to use for a healthy lifestyle...

Couch to 5K - from
move from the couch to the finish line spending just 20-30 minutes, three times a week for nine weeks. Walk/Jog intervals with voice commands; Daily Stats and buddy workouts.  Recommended by Amy Peterson

Lose It! -
tracks food and exercise. Allows you to set goals and keep progress charts.  Recommended by Lisa Gross and Danielle O'Brien

Simply Yoga Free -
set the amount of time you would like to do yoga and your level (beginning, intermediate and advanced) and it talks you through a yoga workout. Video tutorial is also available.  Recommended by Danielle O'Brien
MapMyFitness -
tracks workouts and nutrition. GPS for running is also available. Recommended by Danielle O'Brien
My Fitness Pal -
set weight goals and log calories and exercise.  Recommended by Leslie O'Hora
App used for running, but it can be used for walking. It tracks mileage, calories, number of runs, average pace. It can be set to inform you of pace, distance and total time for ¼, ½, or mile splits. Use it with a set of “Nike+ friends” and set challenges for the group. You can monitor how everyone is doing in the challenge during the set time. Badges and awards are given for hitting milestones or winning challenges. Oh yeah, it also plots the route that is run and can access every single run that you do once set up. (Mark Weller has used since August 2013).  Recommended by Mark Weller
is an app that can be used in many different activities (28 registered on there so far). Set goals, reads splits, mileage (or km), calorie counter, shows route, ascent/descent of route, heart rate. I plan on using it in the winter when I snowshoe or ski.  Recommended by Mark Weller

And some mental wellness: Recommended by Mark Weller

different brain tracking activities (speed, memory, attention, flexibility, problem solving)
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