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Preserving Our Future

On Tuesday, December 17, 2019, Gananda Central School District residents are invited to vote on our proposed $9,500,000 capital improvement project entitled Preserving Our Future.  The vote will be held from 12-9pm at Ruben A. Cirillo High School. 
Designed to address a variety of maintenance needs within the district, Preserving Our Future provides improvements to our facilities in an effort to enhance safety and security while also maintaining a comfortable learning environment for our students.
Major components of this project include altering the parking and traffic flow to the high school to increase safety, replacing outdated roofing on all buildings, and updating mechanical systems to ensure a productive learning environment.
Preserving Our Future Project Details
Safety and Security Enhancements:
  • The safety and security of all students is our number one priority. In working with our local law enforcement agencies, it has been recommended that we provide a single point of access for students to enter and depart Ruben A. Cirillo High School.  The updated traffic pattern will provide a single point of access for students to enter the building and parking lots to increase the overall safety of our students.
Supporting a Productive Learning Environment:
  • As with all buildings, roofing is essential to keep structures in tact. Replacing roofing on our buildings is an ongoing project with a total of approximately 360,000 square feet of space to maintain at all three school buildings. Roofs to be replaced include the flat roofs at the middle school, portions of the elementary school roof and the high school roof. A complete diagram of the roofs to be updated at each building is included below.
  • Updating the mechanical systems within our schools is also an essential component to providing a comfortable learning environment. The air handling units at the elementary school pool and middle school will be replaced to help maintain the integrity of the air our students breath on a daily basis. These units will unfortunately not be equipped with air conditioning as that is not in the budget for this particular project.