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Preserving Our Future

On Tuesday, December 17, 2019, Gananda Central School District residents passed the proposed $9,500,000 capital improvement project entitled Preserving Our Future.  


Designed to address a variety of maintenance needs within the district, Preserving Our Future provides improvements to our facilities in an effort to enhance safety and security while also maintaining a comfortable learning environment for our students.


Priorities initially identified when the project was developed were:

  • Replacing roofs that are beyond life span:
    • Middle School Gym
    • Elementary Pool and Gym
    • High School with portions prioritized
  • Replacement of Mechanical Systems at the Pool that are at end of life. Replacement parts are difficult to obtain for this specific equipment.
  • Air Handling Units in middle school are out of date, beyond their useful life, inefficient and dangerous to repair. The existing air handling units are located in the ceilings. This project will move the units to the floor for easier access. An alternative that will be considered, if pricing is favorable, is the inclusion of Air Conditioning for the entire building.
  • Law enforcement has suggested that moving to a single point of entrance at the high school would improve building security. This project will create new traffic patterns in the front loop at Ruben A. Cirillo High School and allow for all students to enter and exit through the front doors.
  • Demolition and Removal of the old District Office at the middle school. Temporary classrooms were added to the middle school in the 1990's in an effort to accommodate increased enrollment. Those "temporary" rooms were converted to offices when the high school was built in 2001. The rooms in this location are beyond their useful life and need to be demolished; if not addressed, they could become a safety issue.


Secondary Objectives/ Alternatives were identified in the event that costs were favorable: 

  • Elementary Canopy Enclosure
  • Elementary Playground Surfacing
  • Elementary Air Conditioning - (4 classrooms)
  • Middle School Basketball/Tennis Court repair or replacement
  • Middle School Air Conditioning
  • High School Auditorium Roof
  • High School Gym Roof
  • High School Chiller
  • High School Auditorium Dehumidification

After the bids were opened, and analyzed, all alternatives except for the airconditioning of 4 elementary classrooms were accepted.