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Winter/Spring 2021 Instructional Commitment Survey

Below you will find a link to the commitment survey for the 2nd half of the school year. For each school you will continue to have the option of Hybrid (in-person and remote instructional days), 100% Remote, or Home School. You do not need to fill this survey out unless you are requesting a change to either the current instructional format or your transportation needs (for example, if your student is 100% remote and you would like them to participate in the in-person hybrid option; you currently drive your student to school and you would like them to ride the bus). If you have multiple students in the household that you would like to change, please fill in a form for each child. If you do not complete the form, we will continue with the current selections that were made in the beginning of the year. Please complete the survey by Wednesday, January 13.

Overview of Instructional Hybrid Changes for the 2nd Half of the Year:

Elementary School: Richard Mann Elementary will continue on a 5-day a week hybrid schedule (5 days in person but with limited capacity classes).  We will be adding a remote instruction day approximately every 3rd Friday.  We need to do this to provide staff development time lost due to the multiple bus runs. We will continue to provide two bus runs, a 3-5 run and a PK-2 run. Based on the initial feedback from parents this is unlikely to change. If the response differs significantly from the December survey, we will add or subtract a bus run starting on February 15.

Middle School: Gananda Middle School will be moving to a 4 day a week in-person hybrid model beginning on March 1**.  Know that while all students will be in-person 4 days a week, we will continue the smaller class sizes and follow social distancing guidelines.  While all students will be in the building they will still be grouped according to A-K and L-Z to maintain small class sizes and social distancing. Fridays will remain a remote day for 6-8.  We will continue to provide one bus run for 6-8.  The transportation responses received in December indicate that we will be able to accommodate this change at the same bus time, but with additional busses. 

**Students making a change to in-person hybrid or remote will still be making that change effective February 1. If changing to in-person hybrid they will be following the current 2-day a week in-person through the month of February and go to 4-day a week in March.

High School: Ruben A. Cirillo High School will continue a hybrid model with students in person 2 days a week and remote 3 days a week.  This model is not preferred but we are unable to provide the social distancing required while maintaining the electives and movement throughout the building.  When NYS begins to relax its social distancing requirements we will reexamine our ability to shift to a model with more in-person days.

Timelines for Changes:

Instructional Model Changes:  Effective February 1 - If you would like to change your current instructional model from either in-person hybrid to remote, or vice versa, you would begin to participate in the new model on February 1. This is for all grade levels.

Transportation Changes: Effective February 15 - If you would like to make changes to your current transportation needs, such as having your student ride the bus instead of dropping them off, you would not see the change implemented until February 15.  This provides our transportation department time to prepare and adjust routes accordingly.

Middle School Hybrid Transition to 4-days A Week In-Person: March 1 - If you have a middle school student that would like to attend in-person hybrid classes, they would begin attending in-person classes effective February 1, however, they will be attending 2 days per week in person until March 1.  On March 1, all middle school students participating in the in-person hybrid classes will begin attending 4 days a week in-person. By delaying the start of the 4-day a week in-person to March we will have additional time for planning and coordinating, as well as provide time to hopefully get through the worst of the pandemic.

Link To: Take the Survey