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COVID-19 Testing In School - FAQ

In the event that Gananda Central School District is required to test 20-30% of in-person students, faculty and staff, we have complied some frequently asked questions below:


Is the COVID-19 test used in schools different than the ones used in doctor's offices?

Yes, the test used in schools is different than the ones that are used in the medical field. Schools are using a new rapid test that is less invasive. The test is a quick swab on the inside lower part of the nose.


Are the tests free?

Yes, the tests will be done at no cost for parents.


Who will administer the COVID-19 test to students?

Testing will be done by trained nursing staff within each school building.


When will we be notified if there is a positive test result?

If a test comes back with a positive result, a member of our nursing staff will notify you within 24 hours. You will only be notified if your child is positive for COVID-19. We will also provide additional instructions on next steps.


If I decide to Opt-Out of COVID-19 Testing, can my child still attend in-person classes?

Yes, if you decide not to have your child participate in the COVID-19 testing at school, your child is still eligible to attend in-person classes. As long as the district can meet the 20-30% testing requirement, students will be allowed to attend school in-person whether or not they participate in the COVID-19 test.

What happens if the school cannot meet the testing requirement set forth by the State?

In the event Gananda Central School District cannot meet the testing requirements set forth by the State as according to the zone we are designated, all learning would need to be remote and we would be unable to hold in-person classes.

If we are designated as a Yellow, Orange, or Red Zone, how long do we have to test?

If we are designated as a yellow, orange, or red zone, we have two weeks to meet the first testing requirement.  In a yellow zone it would be 20%, in a orange or red zone it would be 15% in the first two weeks and 15% in the next two weeks to equal 30% of testing for the month.

Can we test the same students and staff each month?

At this time, we are allowed to repeat a student or staff member test to get to the 30% each month. This is subject to change.


If I give permission to have my student tested but they are anxious on the day of the test, can they refuse to participate?

Yes, if a student is anxious or stressed about the test, we will not force them to have the nasal swab test. Our nurses are trained in calming methods to help make the experience as pleasant as possible, however, we will not force students to participate.

If we are designated as a zone, will we have a Community Forum to discuss next steps?

If Gananda Central School District is in a zone designation, we will offer parents and community members a Virtual Zoom Meeting to discuss the next steps. We will have both the Superintendent and the COVID-19 nurse on the zoom meeting to address your concerns.