18 Students Earn A Spot In the WCMEA All-County Band

On Saturday, February 1, students ranging from 7th-12th grades participated in the Wayne County Music Educators Association (WCMEA) All-county Band auditions at Williamson High School.  Each student had to memorize scales, perform two prepared excerpts on their instrument and perform a short section of sight-reading.  Students performed in front of a trained adjudicator and were rated on seven different categories. We are #GanandaProud of all of our musicians for all of their hard work, determination, and courage in participating in this event.   


Accomplished highlights of our students at the competition include:

  • 6 students earning the top seat on their instrument
  • 2 perfect scores (only 4 perfect scores were earned by students at the audition today total)
  • 10 students finishing in the top 3 on their instrument in the county (One student, Emma Guthrie, finished top on 2 different instruments)
  • 18 students selected which is the 2nd highest total from Gananda in the past 18 years


Congratulations to the following students who earned a spot in this year's WCMEA All-County Band to be held March 13th-14th at Lyons High School:

Jr. High All-County Band Members:

  • Rebecca Fridman - 1st Flute, 1st Seat (1st Overall - PERFECT SCORE)
  • Sydney Richards - 1st Flute, 4th Seat (4th Overall)
  • Katie McGarvey - 1st Clarinet, 1st Seat (1st Overall)
  • Maria Melnik - 1st Clarinet, 3rd Seat (3rd Overall)
  • Cohen Kelley - 1st Clarinet, 5th Seat (5th Overall)
  • Lizzie Gorski - 3rd Clarinet, 2nd Seat (12th Overall)
  • Hunter Walker - 1st Bassoon, 1st Seat (1st Overall)
  • Cadence Strausser - 1st Trumpet, 1st Seat (1st Overall - PERFECT SCORE)
  • Meah Prutzman - 2nd Trumpet, 3rd Seat (7th Overall)
  • Logan Potter - 1st Trombone, 3rd Seat (3rd Overall)
  • Aidan Giancursio - 3rd Trombone, 1st Seat (7th Overall)

Sr. High All-County Band Members:

  • Emma Guthrie - 1st Flute, 1st Seat (1st Overall on both flute and piccolo)
  • Ian Poulsen - 1st Clarinet, 2nd Seat (2nd Overall)
  • Tierney Kelley - 2nd Clarinet, 5th Seat (9th Overall)
  • Isabelle Keovongxay - 2nd Alto Sax, 1st Seat (3rd Overall)
  • Erin Weill - 2nd Trumpet, 1st Seat (5th Overall)
  • Savannah Harding - 2nd Trumpet, 2nd Seat (6th Overall)
  • Kathryn Harms - Mallets (1st Overall)