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Superintendent's Office

District Office
1500 Dayspring Ridge
Walworth, New York   14568
The Superintendent's Office is located at the Gananda Middle School.
When visiting the Superintendent's Office, you will need to bring a valid ID which will be scanned into the Raptor visitor system.  Valid ID's include the following:
  • Driver's License
  • Non-Driver ID
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • Gananda Student ID
  • Gananda Staff ID
Once the ID has been scanned into the system, Raptor will check the ID against the national registry of sex offenders.  Only the visitor's name, date of birth, and photo for comparison to the national database will e scanned.  No other information is gathered from the system.
Once entry to the building is approved, Raptor will print a Visitor Badge that identifies the visitor by name, includes the date of the visit, and states the purpose of the visit.
Shawn Van Scoy
Leslie Ferrante
Secretary to Superintendent
(315) 986-3521, ext. 4313