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Welcome to Gananda Central School District's Public Relations Department. If you have news to share with the Gananda community, have a question about an upcoming event, are having trouble receiving the district's newsletters, or just need a school logo, please contact the district's Public Relations Specialist, Shannon Bergstresser, at

Below are forms to use if you have an event to share or you need to request a logo. Providing at least a week's notice for an upcoming event will ensure we have your event marked on our calendar. We try to cover as many events as possible, but timing does not always allow for coverage of every event. If you have an event that we cannot make it to, you are welcome to share photos with us via email or Facebook (

Are you following us on social media? Did you know that Gananda uses social media to promote student achievement, learning in the classroom, and school events? Below is a list of places you can get the most updated information about all things related to Gananda Central Schools:

Twitter:  @WeAreGananda (GCS District's handle)
@GHSAthletics1 (Gananda Sports handle)
@Svanscoy (Superintendent Van Scoy)
@KErnstberger (Richard Mann Elementary Principal Ernstberger)
@MMahoney001 (Ruben A. Cirillo High School Principal Mahoney)
@GanandaMS (Gananda Middle School)