Fourteen Students Inducted into New York State Math Honor Society

The New York State Mathematics Honor Society promotes the usage and love of mathematics, and recognizes scholarship in both mathematics and all subjects. All inductees must have and maintain a 90% or higher average in all high school courses and in mathematics. Students must also fulfill a service requirement that promotes mathematics and exhibit the characteristics befitting an honor society inductee. We are excited to announce the following fourteen students were inducted into the Math Honor Society on November 16, 2022:
Ashley Bellavia -- Class of 2023
Juliana LaDuke -- Class of 2024
Ryan Sweet -- Class of 2024
Layla Thomas -- Class of 2024
Grace Walsh -- Class of 2024
Katherine Bettinger -- Class of 2025
Tori Ferguson -- Class of 2025
Cohen Kelley -- Class of 2025
Aaron Kurdziel-Tai -- Class of 2025
Maximus Ng -- Class of 2025
Logan Potter -- Class of 2025
Sydney Richards -- Class of 2025
Natalie Schwandt -- Class of 2025
Cadence Strausser -- Class of 2025