Stars of Tomorrow Results for 2023

The 25th Annual Rochester Broadway Theatre League's Stars of Tomorrow Gala took place on Thursday, May 11, recognizing excellence in high school musicals throughout Greater Rochester. The following are recognitions bestowed upon Gananda's High School Drama Club for the 2023 Season:
Recognitions from the Adjudicators 

Excellence in Dance Ensemble - Gananda, The Wizard of Oz
Excellence in Leading Performance - Gabrielle Brice, "Dorothy"

The adjudicators also gave "Tip of the Hat" recognitions (for outstanding performances in non-leading roles), printed in the program, to:
  • Angie Marra - Ensemble
  • Josephine LaDuke - Miss Gulch/Ensemble
Recognitions from Directors

The directors have the opportunity to select students to receive honors through Stars of Tomorrow for their outstanding involvement or performance. These honors are printed in the program from the ceremony.
  • Leah Mandarano - Aunt Em/Ensemble
  • Noah Van Scoy - Stage Manager
  • Student Artists for their Set Design
The directors also have the opportunity to write about two students who deserve special recognition. The following was printed in the program from the ceremony:
  • Penny Walter - Two years ago, Penny appeared and asked, "Can I help paint for the show?" That simple questions transformed the level of student involvement in our Drama Club. What began with Penny has grown into a small army of student artists who designed and painted stunning sets for The Wizard of Oz. Thank you, Penny, for your drive, talent, and immense contribution to your High School Drama Club.
  • Seth Gage - Seth has been an invaluable member of our Drama Club for the past three years. As a member of the crew, Seth lends a hand wherever needed, demonstrates pride in his work, and goes above and beyond to ensure the success of the show. More importantly, Seth displays expert leadership-by-example, with his generous spirit, kind heart, and friendship to all. Thank you, Seth, for all you've added to our HS Drama Club. Now, go get 'em!
Special shout-out to Cadence and Reese who rehearsed and performed an opening number with a bunch of students from other schools! They did a great job! Another shout-out to the entire cast who did a fantastic job performing a medley from The Wizard of Oz on RBTL's Broadway-sized stage!