Students, Smiles Are Back for Start of New School Year at Gananda

Day 1 of the 2023-24 school year at Gananda Central School District kicked off this morning with plenty of smiles and laughter. 

High School students arrived bright and early followed by students at the Middle School. And not long after that, the halls at the Elementary School perked up with plenty of energy to get the new school year started. 

"Having the students and staff back in the building is amazing!,” said Middle School Principal Elliott Butt. “The energy, excitement, and, yes, apprehension ... it's uplifting and feels right. We’re looking forward to a successful year as we provide opportunities for our students to grow."

Teachers and school officials spent quiet summer months preparing for the new year and all that work went into action on Tuesday morning.

“It's so great having students back!,” Elementary Principal Katy Lumb said.  “There is an energy and excitement buzzing throughout the building, and we are so thrilled to get this year started!”

If the happiness and joy on the first day of school is any type of indicator, Gananda CSD is in for a fantastic school year.