Gananda's Band Students Showcase Their Talent at the Solo Festival

On Saturday, February 3, Gananda Central School District’s band students showcased their talents in the Solo Festival at Williamsville High School.  The festival is the audition process for the Wayne County Music Educators Association All-County Band for grades 7-12, however, 5th and 6th grade band students are also invited to participate in the event.  Students at all levels are required to play scales, perform a solo piece, and illustrate sight reading abilities.  All 7-12 grade students performed a 4-6 level solo and our 6th grade students played a level 2 or 3 solo. A level 6 is considered a professional level piece. Overall, we had six students earn a perfect score as noted by their name below. For the Jr. and Sr. All County selections, the number listed after their name is the ranking within the county. Congratulations to the following students:


Sr. High All County Band:

Aberyn Parulski - #5 on Flute

Megan Stookey - #1 on Clarinet (Perfect Score)

Emma Poulsen - #3 on Clarinet

Hannah Van Scoy - #4 on Clarinet

Erin Weill - #6 on Trumpet

Cameron Gannon - #4 on French Horn


Jr. High All County Band:

Emma Guthrie - #1 on piccolo (Perfect Score) and #1 on Flute

Tierney Kelly - #13 on Clarinet

Isabelle Keovongxay - #1 on Alto Saxophone

Savannah Harding - #8 on Trumpet

Kathryn Harms - #1 on Mallet Percussion


6th Grade Participants: 

Meah Prutzman

Paige VanAlstyne

Colleen Ginsberg

Rebecca Fridman (Perfect Score)

Ashley Keovongxay (Perfect Score)

Aidan Giancursio

Brielle Fullard

Katie McGarvey

Noah Van Scoy (Perfect Score)

Andrew Pitolaj

Matthew Gleason

Nicholas Antinarelli

Gavin Woodward

Kaelyn Merrill


5th Grade Participants

Hunter Walker

Logan Potter

Sydney Richards

Cadence Strausser

Lizzie Gorski

Brianna Whalen

Lyndsey Burns

Ella Lathrop

Cohen Kelley

Nathan Benedict