Macedon Police Need Assistance In Incident from April 5

Gananda Central School District was contacted by the Macedon Police Department on the evening of April 5 to provide support to a student who was involved in a scary incident in our own community. We are working together to provide support to the student, but we also wanted to share the following statement from the Macedon Police Department:

The Macedon Police Department is looking for the public's assistance in locating a vehicle involved in a suspicious incident this evening, April 5, 2018. At approximately 7:30 p.m., a 14 year old female was jogging on Eddy Road near Route 350 in the town of Macedon. A van pulled up next to the female and asked for directions.  When the female approached the van, an unknown person exited the van, grabbed her arm, and punched her in the face.  The victim was able to punch the individual and run into the woods.  The driver of the van is described as a white female in her mid 40s with a short "bob" style haircut wearing a blue shirt.  There is no description of the second individual but she is believed to be female.  The van is described as a mid to late 90s model dark red/maroon minivan.  It is reported to have cardboard taped to the inside of the driver side rear window.  It is also described as being very muddy and has a soft front driver side tire.  The victim was uninjured during the incident.  The intent of the suspect is unknown.  Anyone with details about the incident is urged to contact the Macedon Police Department at (315) 986-4121.

Thankfully, our student was able to keep herself safe. We ask that everyone respect the privacy of the student involved in the situation and focus on the facts provided from the Macedon Police Department. This is a scary reminder that we must all remain vigilant in the safety we provide our children.