Congratulations Our 2019 Gananda Science Fair Winners

From exploding volcanos to a real life sheep eye, Gananda's annual Science Fair wasn't short of learning opportunities for those that were brave enough to venture out into the Polar Vortex on Wednesday, January 31. Gananda students in grades K-12 were eligible to participate in the fair which was judged and awarded in specific categories.  Award categories include: STEM, People's Choice, and Perfect Score.
Congratulations to the following 2019 Gananda Science Fair Winners:
STEM Award Winners:
William Harms (First Grade) - The Planet Mars
Cameron Prutzman (Second Grade) - Keeping Fruit Fresh
Colleen Ginsberg & Katie Rothwell (Seventh Grade) - Germ Experiment
Meah Prutzman & Layla Thomas (Seventh Grade) - Which Shopping Carts Have the Most Bacteria?
People's Choice Award Winners:
Charlotte Lancaster (Kindergarten) - Flower Power 
Hunter Bernard (First Grade) -Rock Candy Experiment
Nina Pipech & Morgan Dirlam (Fourth Grade) -Slime Science
Kennedy Wilson & Allissa Dohse (Fifth Grade) - Volcano
Ella Lathrop & Emerson Paull (Sixth Grade) - Which Chip Is the Greasiest?
Perfect Score Award Winners*:
Camryn Holdraker (First Grade) - How Germs Spread
Nolan Bradshaw (Second Grade) - Which Vacuum is Best?
McKenzie Gallagher (Second Grade) - Are You Left of Right Pawed?
Maddy Gashlin (Second Grade) - How Do Arctic Animals Stay Warm in Ice Water?
Harper Paull (Third Grade) - Articulated Hand: How Our Fingers Move
Maddox Stoughton (Fourth Grade) - Baseball Bat Bash
William Schneeman (Fourth Grade) - The Water Cycle
Sydney Richards  & Natalie Schwandt (Sixth Grade)  - Does Oxi Clean Really Get the Tough Stains Out?
* Perfect scores were determined by high school volunteer judges