Rally Rewards

HealthyRewards powered by Rally is an exciting way to earn rewards for doing simple things to get and stay healthy.  You can earn $500 individually, or a combined $1,000 for subscriber and spouse, just for doing simple things that fit into your day.  So, schedule regular check-ups, eat right and stay active.  then get paid at any time throughout the year.
Step 1 - Log In & Take the Health Survey
Go to ExcellusBCBS.com/HealthyRewards to log in as a member, and then click the "Get started earning HealthyRewards" link.
      • The link will take you to the Rally website
      • Create an account and take the Health Survey
      • Begin earning rewards
Step 2 - Earn Rewards
Based on the responses from the Health Survey, select various Missions and Challenges you would like to achieve throughout the year.  Choose from fitness and nutrition goals, quitting tobacco, improving your mood or sleeping better.  It's up to you!  Report your progress to earn credits/dollars toward your goal.
Step 3 - Claim Your Rewards
All of that hard work pays off!  Redeem your credits and claim your rewards.  Choose between a Visa Gift Card or virtual gift cards from a number of national retailers to spend on things like workout apparel, sports and fitness products and more!