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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Gananda Central School District is committed to honoring, embracing, and valuing each individual’s unique characteristics and differences within our district community. Four commitments to this work include:
Academic Success: We will create opportunities for all students to demonstrate their potential, which will allow them to succeed and thrive in school, in the community and in the future.
Student Experience: We will create an environment where student identities will be acknowledged and accepted. This supportive environment will allow all students to thrive and contribute to the community.
Family & Community Engagement: We will establish and maintain equitable, respectful, and trusting environments for our families of students and community members.
Staff Experience: We will create an environment where staff identities will be invited and encouraged. This supportive environment will allow all staff to thrive and contribute to the community.
Gananda CSD Three Year Plan