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Public Commentary at Board Meetings

Input from the community is important in helping to shape our youth. The Board welcomes comments from the community on topics that are important to you. Board meetings are actually meetings that are held in public, however, they are not public meetings. In other words, the public is invited to listen in to the school business at these meetings, but the public does not preside over the meetings. In order for the board to maintain the order of business for the school at these public meetings, there are specific rules to be followed:


  1. Persons wishing to make comments to the Board must advise the district clerk by 3pm on the date of the scheduled meeting. You can reach the district clerk at 315-986-3521 xtn: 8-4313.
  2. The district clerk will require your name, telephone number, email, and address to register you for commentary.  This is so that we may follow up with you after the meeting should additional information need to be shared.
  3. No public attendee will be permitted to speak longer than 3 minutes. 


For complete information on public commentary at Board meetings, visit Board Policy 1230.