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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.   What time does my child need to be waiting at his/her bus stop?
Parents should have their child at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. We also request that Parents be at the bus stops 5 minutes before the bus times for drop off.  This helps us stay on time to get everyone home. 
Q.   Will the bus leave my stop without my child if he/she is not waiting at the bus stop?
Yes! The student must be waiting at his/her stop at least 5 minutes before the bus arrives regardless of weather conditions. For the safety of your child do not chase the bus after it has left the stop. The child would be in the danger zone of the bus and not visible to the driver.
Q. If we are able to transport our students early in the year as a precaution, but then need transportation after a time period, what will that process look like?

Keeping in mind that the transportation schedule is complex and any requested changes can impact an entire bus route, so the wait time between requesting a change and it going into effect can take over a week. These requests can be directed to the Transportation Department on a case-by-case basis using the Transportation Request Form. The District is very appreciative of parents who are able to provide parent transport.

Q.   What is the process for requesting a different pick up or drop off location for my child?
On the Transportation Page; the Transportation Request form  is used for permanent, consistent changes.  Rotating schedules that change day-to-day, week-to-week or month-to-month will no longer be accommodated.  Bus passes that require  a change of bus are also no longer accommodated.  Due to the continued focus on student safety, we will not take transportation information over the telephone, Please use forms provided and/or email if needed. 
Q.   Will the school bus be routed into all cul-de-sacs?
No, the Board of Education has made a determination which cul-de-sacs buses will be routed down. The cul-de-sacs are different depending on the age of the student. For more information on which cul-de-sacs buses are routed down, please contact transportation.
Q.   My son/daughter was just going out our front door this morning and the bus driver did not wait. Why?
Due to schedules and traffic, our drivers are trained in accordance with operational policy to “make the bus stop, open the door, look for anyone coming, (if no one)close the door and proceed”. For safety and timing restrictions, we require students to be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives. We do not have the latitude to wait for students to get out of a car, come out of the house, or walk down a driveway, or from the next yard etc.
Q.  Does the Transportation Department require a parent/guardian be visible when dropping off students?  
Yes, for UPK-5th, we request that someone be visible at drop off,  unless parents/guardians have arranged  something with the driver, in advance, that the student may be let off by themselves and we are assured they can get inside their home safely. 
Q.   Why do some children have to cross the road to board the school bus?
We are not able to route buses so that all children can board the bus on the door side. We ask that children wait on the side of the street they reside. The bus will stop traffic in all directions to accommodate students that need to cross the street safely to board the bus.
Q.   Our neighborhood has no sidewalks and has hills and curves.  Can we have additional bus stops so our children do not have to walk to an existing stop?
With the number of streets and bus stops in our school district, it is necessary for some students to walk on roads that have hills, curves and/or no sidewalks.
Q.   I cannot see the bus stop from my house.
The school district provides transportation for over 1100 students to and from school each day and are not able to position all bus stops so that all parents are able to see the stop from their home.
Q.   I have young children at home and/or I leave home because of work so can the bus stop at my house?
In order to be consistent and fair to all parents in the placement of bus stops, the school district is not able to select bus stops based on personal circumstances.
Q.   What should I do if my child stops riding the bus for an extended length of time?
You need to inform the Transportation Department and again upon needing transportation.  Please be aware that due to new guidelines, 5 school days notice is needed to make any permanent changes to students busing needs.  
Q.   What is the maximum time my child can spend riding a bus?
Education Law does not contain a maximum length of time a pupil may spend on a school bus. However, it is widely accepted that en route time must be reasonable. The Commissioner of Education has held that numerous factors may be considered in determining whether the amount of time is reasonable.

Q.   Is a school district required to furnish pupil transportation to and from the pupil’s home?
School districts are not required to transport pupils on a door-to-door basis. Although, some students with handicapping conditions do require door-to-door transportation.
Q.   Are school districts required to provide late bus transportation?
School districts may provide late bus transportation but are not required by law to do so. Many districts provide late bus transportation to allow students to take advantage of after-school activities and programs. Please refer to the Bus Routes page to see if and when a late bus will be provided for the current year.
Q.   What factors are involved in establishing where the school bus stop is placed?
There are many factors taken into consideration when the Transportation Department establishes the placement of school bus stops. There is no formula for deciding exactly where to locate a bus stop. Some of the factors we use include:
  • Safety – able to negotiate the loading and unloading process
  • Age and number of students at the stop
  • Visibility at the stop
  • Maneuverability
  • Hazards
  • Degree of traffic
  • Legal Requirements
  • Consistency of bus stop
Q.   What about the safety of my child getting to and from the bus stop?
There are no sidewalks where we live and it is not safe walking on the
street we live on.  It is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to see that the child gets safely to and from the bus stop.
Q.   Why doesn’t the Transportation office call me when the bus is delayed in the A.M. or P.M.? Is there a place I can call for information about the delay?
School buses are significantly affected by many uncontrollable factors. These factors may include shortage of drivers due to illness or other reasons, weather, road repair/closure, traffic conditions, run coverage, etc. When a bus is running late the students are instructed to wait at the bus stop, do not go back home. If the bus is late and the student rides it to school, he/she will not be counted tardy. The Transportation Dept. strives to keep all of our buses running as close to the time schedule as possible. We notify schools as son as we have confirmed a bus is running late. If you feel your bus is late please contact our office at (315) 986-4278 with the bus number. The "HERE COMES THE BUS" app will also help in this regards. 
Q.   I would like to speak to my child’s bus driver about a problem on the bus.  How do I go about this? Can I just meet the bus at the stop?
If you would like to speak to a driver please do not approach the driver at the bus stop. A bus driver is on a strict schedule. Any extra seconds of delay at a bus stop could translate into as much as 30 minutes late arrival at school if each parent of 60 (typical busload) children talked for a little as 30 seconds. Some parents get very emotional, angry and try to board the bus. Security and safety of our driver and students are of greatest concern at the bus stop. Parents who decide to board a bus and ignore the drivers warning are subject to arrest and prosecution. To talk to a bus driver, please contact the Transportation Supervisor and set up a time to speak with the driver.
Q.   Why are there “bus attendants” on some buses?
Bus attendants are only on buses where a students (IEP) Individual Educational Program, requires them to be on board for assistance with the students special needs.
Q.   May a school district suspend bus service for my child?
Yes. Transportation is a privilege, not a right.
Q.   Where can I get a copy of the bus rules?
A copy of the bus rules is located on our web-site. Additionally, copies of the bus rules are posted in every school bus over the entrance door and all bus drivers review the rules with the students during the first week of school and during every bus drill.

Q.   If my child goes on a field trip or sports trip do the same rules of bus discipline apply?
Yes. The school bus is considered an extension of the classroom; therefore all student rules apply all of the time.
Q.   I had an emergency, late meeting, etc. and was unable to meet my child at their designated drop off. What do I do?
In circumstances where you know this will occur, please contact the school your child attends to make arrangements for your child. If this occurs while your child is en-route home, please contact the Transportation office so we may radio the bus driver with that information and make arrangements for an alternative drop off.
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